Johnny Tremain

In what way are each of these people (listed below!) responsible in some sense for the crippiling of Johnny's hand?

A. Old Mr. Lapham-

B. Mrs. Lapham-


D.Gran' Hopper



Answer by 11-20-12! PLZ!!!!

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A. Mr Lapham because he stops the project and says the timeframe for finishing it isn't important.

B. Mrs Lapham because she encourages Johnny to work on a Sunday.

C. Dove because he purposely sabotaged the project.

D. Gran Hopper because she didn't wrap it right, but I'm going to lay this at Mrs. Lapham's door..... she shouold have called the doctor.

E. Not

F. Dusty..... I don't see him as being responsible either, unless we just see him as a distraction.... or unwilling to rat on his brother.