Johnny Tremain

In silversmithing what is crucible used for

Johny tells dove to get out a crucible and melt down the silver spoon dove made

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A crucible is a container (like a pot), used to melt different kinds of metals. Silversmiths use them to mix pure silver with hardening metals (tin is one) to make pewter. The pewter can then be molded into just about anything from dishes and silverware to mirrors and jewelry.

1. Who organized the spy system that allowed the colonists to gather information from the British?

* Paul Revere

* John Hancock

* Samuel Adams

2. For what does Pumpkin exchange his musket and uniform?

* land

* a farmer's smock

* money and food

3. What happens to Rab at the battle of Lexington?

* He proudly uses Pumpkin�s musket against the British soldiers.

* He is captured by the British soldiers.

* He is mortally wounded.

4. The story takes place in colonial Boston before the Revolutionary War.

* plot

* setting

* internal conflict

5. Johnny struggles to overcome his arrogance and impatience and develop into a humble, generous young man.

* point of view

* internal conflict

* climax

6. The war begins between the colonists and the British.

* setting

* characters

* climax

7. Tensions were growing between the colonists and the British as the colonists struggled to gain independence from the British government.

* external conflict

* climax

* point of view

8. The story is told by a narrator who is able to read the thoughts of the characters.

* external conflict

* setting

* point of view


1) Paul Revere

2) A farmers smock

3) He is mortally wounded

4) Setting

5) Internal conflict ?? not sure

6) Climax ?? not sure

7) External conflict

8) point of view


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