Johnny Tremain

How did the story end?

Help me ! :)

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Although the British succeeded in raiding Concord, they were stopped in North Bridge by a massive group of Minute Men. When he gets to Lexington, Johnny learns that Rab was shot in the first volley of bullets. He visits the dying Rab at a tavern, where he is attended by Dr. Warren. The young men share a warm moment of friendship. Rab thanks Johnny for the musket and is only saddened that he couldn’t use it before he was wounded. He then sends Johnny on an errand so his younger friend won’t have to be present when he dies. When Johnny returns, he takes the news stoically and allows Dr. Warren to look at his deformed hand. Dr. Warren realizes that he can cut away the scar tissue and give Johnny back the use of his thumb. Although the operation will be painful, Johnny quickly agrees to it and goes for a walk while Dr. Warren readies his supplies. As he passes through the Lexington countryside, he thinks how proud he is of America and is people.


So the story ended with this:

Rab dies and Dr.Warren makes a surgery to Johnny?

You got it!