Johnny Tremain

Follow in your imagination the marshalling of the British troops. What details make the scenes vivid? What event forms an outstanding picture in you mind?

I can't think about this. please help ! :)

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Consider the battle of Lexington. Lexington fell quickly to British forces––it was a battle between 700 British soldiers and 70 rebels. Most of the rebels fled when they realized they were outnumbered.Consider the massive amount of British soldiers meeting the few rebels. That would have been quite a scene. The British soldiers have become much rougher and more violent. Johnny thinks this is because the rebels are winning and they are frightened. He also correctly predicts that the returning British troops will come through Charlestown rather than returning the way they left, via Cambridge. He is right, and he watches them enter Charlestown from the top of Beacon Hill. The mood is pretty nasty. THe British are out for blood and they have many well equipped men. The massive n of British soldiers would look like a wave coming in.

Knowing which chapter you are at will help me. Around where is the scene you are referring to?

It's chapter 11. And I think its at the beginning of the chapter.