Johnny Tremain

Explain how Rab can and does influence Johnny. From chapters 5-6

Explain how Rab can and does influence Johnny. From chapters 5-6

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As time goes on, Johnny becomes more mature. One day Rab gently asks him why he goes around insulting people. Johnny thinks this over and decides to count to ten before saying anything the next time he gets angry. He uses this strategy one day when Sam Adams’s slave girl accidentally throws dishwater on him. Because he graciously accepts her apology instead of yelling at her, Sukey invites him in for some pie, and Sam Adams hires Johnny to make express deliveries for the Boston Committee of Correspondence.

Every Friday, Johnny goes with Rab to visit Rab’s family outside of Boston. On one such visit, they go to a country barn dance. Rab and Johnny both have fun dancing with the girls. Johnny notices that the girls don’t seem disgusted by his hand. When he mentions this to Rab, Rab tells him that no one would be frightened Johnny’s deformed hand if Johnny didn’t make such a big deal out of it himself.

One day, the butcher and his sons play a cruel trick on the Webb twins, two young apprentices at the print shop. They threaten to kill the twins’ cat. Rab and Johnny go and beat up the butcher and his sons. Johnny notices that Rab “was a born fighter—ferocious, utterly fearless, quick and powerful—but he didn’t fight often and he hadn’t much to say afterward” (112).