Jasper Jones

jasper jones

Q1. When Jasper shows Charlie that he has found Eliza Wishart in “his” clearing, Charlie is understandably shocked and upset. Do you think that Charlie did the right thing in helping Jasper? Why do you think Charlie agreed to become an accomplice? Q2: Upon first reading Jasper Jones, do you ever have any doubts as to his innocence? Q3. Of course the town will blame him. Of course Corrigan is going to accuse him of this. And it doesn’t matter what he says. His word isn’t worth shit. All that matters is the fact of this girl’s death and this town’s imagination. He’ll be cuffed and lead away. The outcast that killed the shire president’s daughter. He doesn’t stand a chance’ (pp.18-19) What critique is Silvey making about 1960s Corrigan? Q4. ‘And it happens like that. Like when you first realise that there is no such thing as magic. Or that nothing actually answers your prayers, or really even listens. That cold moment of dismay, where your feet are kicked from under you, where you’re disarmed by a shard of knowing’ (p 18) What is happening to Charlie in this instance? Describe a time when you believe that you had a similar ‘awakening’?

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Much of this question is asking for your opinion rather than mine.