Jane Eyre

What does the teacher mean of the topic of the 2nd paper. What is the topic?

suggest that you read the chapter on Villette in Gilbert and Gubar’s The Madwoman in the Attick: it is a discussion of the ways in which all the women in that novel are either tutelary presences for Lucy (positive examples) or, more often, monitory presences (negative examples). Find some place in which Gilbert and Gubar are not quite right, or where you disagree with them or want to make the discussion more precise, and argue your point with quoted-and-commented-on examples from the text of the novel.

For the second term paper you can do the same with Jane Eyre.

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I suppose your teacher is referring to Jane's presence as both positive and negative. I'm not sure exactly where because Jane changes throughout the novel. Jane is a dynamic character in many ways. She has, perhaps, some mental/ emotional issues early on. There is that whole experience in the "Red Room" but we must also take Jane's artistic temperament into context. She, however, does quite well at the school she goes to, even becoming a teacher herself. Jane's positive influence is definitely felt there. I think that you might want to get some clarification about exactly what the teacher means about "negative or positive" influence.