Jane Eyre

similarities and differences pt. 2

okay, same thing. but this time - i have an idea. i want to do three body paragraphs, a characteristic for each (i was thinking something like pride??) and under each one have characters from both books and examples of how they ccompare or contrast that trait. so what are some main similarities and differences between the characters? and examples of them portraying this trait or doing the complete opposite! please help!!!!!

so it would be like pride and then example of how this character from pride and prejudice did or didn't portray this trait, with examples to back it up. and then example of how a character from jane eyre did or didn't portray this trait, with examples to back it up.  i need 3examples of specific characters with specific examples from each book of how they did or didn't portray 3 specific characteristics. 

sorry if this is confusing  - let me know if i can clarify

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I see what you are doing but unfortunately what you need is a little beyond the scope of this short answer forum. The ideas you read in the previous link should help you though.

can you tell me three similarities/differences between characteristics/traits that compare or contrast in the two books. just three traits that i could get some examples and characters somewhere else. all i'm asking is for three main characteristics/traits that occur in both books as either complete opposites or the same?