Jane Eyre

Mr. Rochester tricks jane

what are the details of this, like when and why

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Many people feel that Mr. Rochester hides his wife away in the attic and trying to trick Jane into a bigamous marriage. Jane rejects his marriage proposal after she learns of Bertha, not only because she feels it would flout the law, but perhaps because Bertha's marriage is a cautionary symbol of Victorian marriage: despite Mr. Rochester's best intentions and Jane's equal intellectual standing, he may still end up imprisoning Jane in his own way through matrimony, just as he has imprisoned Bertha. Ironically, when Jane finally does agree to marry Rochester after having gained her independence, the fire Bertha set to Thornfield has blinded him. Thus, he is suddenly dependent on Jane, a fact which nullifies the typical marriage inequalities of the time period and tips the balance in her favor.So, perhaps Mr. Rochester can be forgiven a little because Bertha was rather a nut case. You can check out more at the gradeSaver link below: