Jane Eyre

Jane Eyre

What does Jane learn about herself when she returns to Gateshead Hall?


She is no longer upset or affected by her cousins' behavior. She has outgrown them.


She missed Eliza, Georgianna and John's company and is glad to see her cousins again.


She has not changed since she was a little girl; she still reacts to her cousins in the same way.


She completly misunderstood Mrs. Reed. Her aunt truly loved her and wished the best for he

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Jane learns that Mrs. Reed feels badly for mistrating her as a child. She learns that Mrs. Reed withheld correspondence from Jane's paternal uncle out of spite. Jane however takes the moral high ground and offers forgiveness. She also asks Mrs. Reed to, "Forgive me for my passionate language: I was a child then; eight, nine years have passed since that day."

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