Jane Eyre

how does jane respond to mr. brocklehurst's questions when he first interviews her ?

what do we learn about janes personality in this scene ? how does mrs reed respond to this exchange ?

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Religion makes its first formal appearance in the novel in the form of Mr. Brocklehurst. Already, we can see the religious hypocrisies that Bronte exposes; Mr. Brocklehurst believes the deceitful Mrs. Reed’s accusations about Jane and relishes the seemingly heartless reformations that take place at school. He also displays an abhorrence for any form of creative thinking; although Jane enjoys Revelations, the book of Daniel, Genesis, and other parts of the Bible, she is accused of being “wicked” because she does not approve of the Psalms. The extent of Mr. Brocklehurst’s hypocrisy in his beliefs about Christianity will become more apparent in later chapters of the novel. Certainly Jane has her own mind and isn't up tp pretending for anyone.