Jane Eyre


when we look at the elements of the detictive novel we see many ,but,what do we mean when we said it must be 'sound story value '?or let me say what is this sound story value in all novel?

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Sound story value depends on the sort of literature that you are reading. Escape fiction can have sound value but within its context. A more interpretive novel like Jane Eyre has sound value in a different context. No matter what fiction that you are looking at, the characters, plot and conflicts must have artistic unity. That is the novel must remain believable within the confines of its genre. So, if you are reading Stevenson's Treasure Island, the story value is high if you are looking for some swashbuckling escape. If you are looking for some interpretive character driven fiction, Jane Eyre gives has sound story value as well.

well Aslan,thank you very much .

You are most welcome Nancy.