Jane Eyre

Are there any students studying AQA English Literature A Level (A) with Oxford Open Learning?

My coursework for Jane Eyre is a transformational piece and I wondered if anyone had any opinion on whether Blanche Ingram actually liked Mr Rochester?

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Not a student, but I do have an opinion. Blanche never cared for or liked Rochester. Let's face it...... she wasn't a particualrly nice young womman, but a murderer; I think not.

Blanche was looking to marry money, and she did drop Rochester when the rumor he had no money reached her ear, but as for LIKING him..... he isn't a very likeable character either. Blanch, I am sure, considers Rochester lucky to to have her. She's beautiful, but she's also selfish and haughty. Her goal in life was little more than to marry a fortune and a man she could dominate. Rochester did her a favor in breaking off whatever relationship they had, even though his use of her was unfair.