James and the Giant Peach

Is James an orphan?


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Yes, James' parents were killed at the beginning of the story. Thus, he is an orphan.

yes he is an orphan in a way. he is living with his aunts. but an orphan is who is without any parents.yes he is 



Yes! James is an orphan because he has no father, a person without a father is what we call an orphan! 

Some people write and say this proudly that the person without a family is what we call an orphan, a person without parents is what we call an orphan and even a person without siblings so please don't get mistaken and remember a person who does NOT have a FATHER is what we call an ORPHAN! Spread this knowledge! 😊


James and the giant peach (a novel)

yes james is an orphen because his parents are eaten by an rino



james and the gaint peach