In what way and how well are the characters described? Do they strike you as real-life persons or not? Are there any living persons you know of that resemble any of the characters in Ivanhoe?

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Are we talking about the main characters here, or the characters in general?

in general :)

I find Ivanhoe's character believable in that he is well portrayed as the prodigal son, loyal subject, and hardened knight.

I see Rowena in the same way. She's never surprised me, and in the novel acts just as a young noble woman should. She gives up the man she loves and does as her guardian asks; she's supportive and trusting, but above all else (even a bit of argument) she's duly submissive.

Rebecca, I don't think she's believable. A young Jewish girl of the period would not be prone to falling in love with a Christian knight, nor would her father have sat back and watched. He wouldn't have been that naive in regard to his own daughter, especially the ONLY child. Although I do love her father's character, and I'm always refreshed that he is NOT portrayed as a typical money lender.

King John was portrayed in the way of Shakespeare, the poor guy never has a chance........... historically, Ivanhoe portrays little about Richard that we don't already know, and his actions (in such a short time frame) are embellished.