How does the 'cultural revolution' of the takers and leavers differ and what does Mother Culture say about each of them?

Book: Ishmael: An Adventure of the Mind and Spirit.

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Ishmael repeats that the agricultural revolution was more than just a technological event - it was also a philosophical one. Mother Culture teaches that human life was meaningless and ugly before the revolution, and the narrator agrees that most people still feel that way about the Leaver lifestyle. Ishmael continues. Mother Culture also teaches that Leavers were ignorant of the benefits of agriculture. However, he provides the counter-example of the Plains Indians, who practiced agriculture for centuries before reverting back to the hunter-gatherer lifestyle when the Spanish introduced horses to North America. What the example suggests is that the Taker revolution was not waged for something (agriculture), but against something. The narrator will need to discover what that thing was if he is to articulate the story the Leavers are enacting.