historic importance of our agricultural revolution, according to Ishmael.

I am thinking Its importance of our agricultural revolution, according to ishmael, is that allowing mankind to feel more indestructible, being that they could of felt that now gods and living for us which is a very interestingmessage, potentially stopping or altering their evolution,buy eatinf the trees of the gods, tree of knowledge, and now taking it upon, themselves to answer unfathomable qeustions.

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The human relationship to food is central to Ishmael's lesson. Quinn draws a contrast between the way food is handled and distributed in civilization, and how it is done in the wild. In the wild, food is plentiful and free for the taking, even though humans are subject to natural rules of population control, unable to expand past their means. Before "totalitarian" agriculture, earth was a paradise, with food free for the taking. As the Takers have forced agriculture on the rest of the world, the natural balance between food and population has been disrupted.