Invisible Man

What were the drawbacks of being invisible faced by griffin?

12 chap. the invisible man looses his temper

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Being invisible isn't all it's cracked up to be. He is hounded and attacked. Frequently his temper gets the best of him,

"His temper, at no time very good, seems to have gone completely at some chance blow, and forthwith he set to smiting and overthrowing, for the mere satisfaction of hurting."  Ch12

It wasnt as expected by Griffin being invisible. At first it was hard for him even to walk, for he could not see his legs. Even though people could not see him, dogs were attracted to him. He could not walk in crowds, for he would be felt. It was really hard for him in every season other than summer. In rain and snow, it would make an outline of him and it was very difficult to remain naked in cold weather.