Invisible Man

Short Answers For Invisible Man PLEASE HELP!


1.What is the mood of the prologue?

2.Who is the woman that he sees while hallucinating after smoking the reefer?

3.What does the Invisible Man mean when he says he is irresponsible, and how does he justify this?

Chapter 1

1.Why do the words of the main character’s grandfather seem to have such an impact on him?

2.What is his reward after giving his speech? Is the reward truly for giving the speech?

3.Is he really brought to the gathering to make his speech in front of the white man? If not, why is he brought there?

Chapter 2

1.Who does the Invisible Man drive around on Founders’ Day and what part did this person play in the foundation of the campus?

2.Describe Jim Trueblood’s dream and what happened from it.

3.Explain what Mr. Norton did right before he got back into his car and what he requested after he got in.

Chapter 3

1.The Invisible Man drives to a place called the Golden Day to get what for Mr. Norton? Explain what kind of place the Golden Day is.

2.What do the mentally disturbed black war veterans do to help Mr. Norton.

3.What was the tone of the veteran who is a doctor graduate of the school and what effect did it have on Mr. Norton?

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1) Angry

2) While smoking the reefer, he imagines a old woman who loved her slave master although he had impregnated her. The narrator finds it amazing that she has found freedom through that love and hopes to understand her definition.


1) When the narrator is then finally allowed to give his speech during which the men do not even bother to listen. Regardless, the narrator receives a scholarship at the end of the night and is so pleased that he ignores the earlier shame and the voice of his dying grandfather which continues to haunt him in his dreams.

2) The narrator receives a scholarship at the end of the night. This scholarship is not given as a result of his speech because no one was listening. It was given because of the fight.

3) He is brought to the gathering to fight as entertainment at a gathering of the town's most influential white citizens.

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