Invisible Man

main problem of the book invisible man atleast 3 main problem annd he answer as well

3 main problems for invisible man, or the more the better but pls give me the anzwer for discussion\

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the three main problems (conflicts) are self identity, racial stereotyping and self reliance.


Invisible Man

1) Invisible Man Theme of Identity

Identity in Invisible Man is a conflict between self-perception and the projection of others, as seen through one man's story: the nameless narrator. His true identity, he realizes, is in fact invisible to those around him. Only by intentionally isolating himself from society can he grapple with and come to understand himself. (1)

2)Invisible Man Theme of Race

While most the narrator's difficulties throughout the novel are associated with his race, Invisible Man is a novel aimed at transcending race and all the other ways humanity has used to categorize people. For a long time, the narrator's identity is defined by his race, leading to his invisibility. (1)

3) In the search that is conducted by the narrator, it is eventually seen that the only person who can answer his questions is himself. Therefore, the theme of self-realization by relying solely upon one's self is developed. The type of self-reliance that is eventually displayed by the narrator is the same type of self-reliance exhibited by such blacks as Booker T. Washington. This is something for the reader to keep in mind when exploring the episodes in which the narrator is at college (it has never been proven, but many critics think that the founder of the college was Booker T. Washington.). Although the founder of the college never appears in the novel, his success story offers many parallels to Washington's (Twayne's).


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