Invisible Man

I Need Help Answering These Questions.

Chapter 2

1.Who does the Invisible Man drive around on Founders’ Day and what part did this person play in the foundation of the campus?

2.Describe Jim Trueblood’s dream and what happened from it.

3.Explain what Mr. Norton did right before he got back into his car and what he requested after he got in.

Chapter 3

1.The Invisible Man drives to a place called the Golden Day to get what for Mr. Norton? Explain what kind of place the Golden Day is.

2.What do the mentally disturbed black war veterans do to help Mr. Norton.

3.What was the tone of the veteran who is a doctor graduate of the school and what effect did it have on Mr. Norton

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These are too many questions at one time. You need to submit these one at a time. I'll do your first one here.

Mr. Norton is the man driving with the narrator. He is wealthy white man who helps the narrator attend school. The narrator regards him as a "symbol of the Great Traditions."