Invisible Man

how does the invisible man meet his death?

chapter 28

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The Invisible Man is seized and killed by a mob.


The Invisible Man

in chapter 28 we can see that dr kemp is being chased by the invisible man(griffin). kemp tries to take shelter in mr heelas's house but entry was refused by mr heelas. so he took the road and started running towards the police station when he came near to the jolly cricketers he saw a tram was arriving kemp called for help and at once the tram driver, his assistant and the people of jolly crickets startd chasing griffin kemp took a sharp turn near a sweet shop where griffin caught him. after abit stuggle kemp was able to caught hold of griffins neck and some one struck griffin by spade and then giffin was siezed by the mob and they showered kicks and punches on griifin the sweet shop owner hit griffin with a stick after which griffin shouted " mercy" "mercy" and his voice choked and he died and slowly his dead and naked body became visible. in this way griffin brief life came to an end.