Invisible Man

heelp with questions about invisible man book chapter 10-20

1- Thomas marvel appears back in the coach and horses in iping. He is seen leaving with a bundle and some books . What has happened?

2-marvel has a discussion with the invisible man . What does he want to do?(the invisivle man will not hear of it)

3- marvel runs into a pub screaming . What does he want?

4-the invisible man appears at dr.kemp's house .how did he know him?what does he keepasking kemp for?

5- the next morning the invisible man begins his story to kemp .what fascinated him in college?

6-the invisible man explains that his early experiments caused his landlord to become suspicious. Explain what he had heard and why he was looking about the apartments.

7- after becoming invisible.the invisible manleaves the rantedbuilding . How does he "cover his tracks"? That is, what does he do the building

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I believe you are referring to The Invisible Man by HG Wells. You will have submit these questions separately. There are too many here for one space. I'll do your first one.

Basically Griffin has used Marvel to attempt to get his belongings out of the Coach & Horses. Marvel resists but eventually relents and emerges from the pub with a bundle wrapped in a tablecloth.