Invisible Man

Discuss the meeting of Doctor Cuss with the stranger.

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Are you sure this is invisible by Ralph Ellison?

doctr cuss was  very curious about the invisible man specialy after hearing about the luggage that came for the stranger. cuss went for an appointment with the invible man to ask for adonation for the nurse's fund while talking with the invisible man he asked him was he a scintist? griffin replied positively. then asked was he researching? griffin said yes .then he asked is the research long? grinffin replied a damnable long research. then he asked was the research medical? griifin got angry and showed him his invisibled hand cuss was awestruck and asked how could he moved that empty sleeve? invisible man made cuss feel his hand. cuss was so afraid after this that he flee awy from there


Dr. Cuss went to the Inn specifically to get a glimpse of the bandaged man. He used the ruse of seeking money to help the nurses fund. Invisible Man scare Dr. Cuss away by pinching his nose.


the invisible man


The meeting of Dr.Cuss is the first time when it gets "cleared" from the text that the stranger is an invisible man!Dr.Cuss went to the inn as he wanted to talk to the stranger. He started by asking him about his research work. Initially the stranger answered him quite politely in affirmatives but soon got irritated. Then at the same instant a chemical formula caught fire. The 'invisible man' in order to control the situation got a bit careless in conceiving his invisibility and gave Dr Cuss a chance to see his empty sleev.When Dr.Cuss asked the stranger about the empty sleev the stranger pinched his nose and thereafter, Dr.cuss got frigthened and ran out of the room!


Cuss went to have an interview with the invisible man out if his curiosity and jealousy of the thousand and one bottles the invisible man had.The conversation started possitively with Cuss questioning about the stranger's research and his being a scientist but then the stranger became irritated.A prescription got fire and the stranger out of carelessness showed his invisible hand that made Cuss startled.When questioning about that,he showed it by pinching his nose that made Cuss leave the parlour out of fear.


By reading the novel.