Invisible Man

compare two scientists Dr.kemp and Grifin as both were different in quest yet similar in many ways. who can be called a real hero of the novel?


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From the sci-fi novel by H.G Wells named "The Invisible Man" we can see Griffin is a talented scientist who keep experimenting on how to make things invisible. He was studying in the royal university of london with Dr. Kemp as his collegue. Dr. kemp was in studying optics and griffin was doing medical researchs. Then he changed his studies from medicines to optics after he invented a way to make blood pure enough to invisible. He was all day experimenting and finally he succeeded in making him invisible. He has an evil plan i.e, to spread reign of terror across the country. After he is invisible he did evil things. he stole money,killed many people etc. though he was invisible he was unable to revert this process. then he completely devoted himself in doing evil activities. he once entered to Kemp's house . it was a coincident .
He then reveals his identity that he knew kemp from the royal university and he also reveals his plan of spreading reign of terror. Dr kemp was totally against this idea. he on the contrary was a very social person, he works for humanity. He knew what is right and what is wrong. He tells about the invisible man to colonel Ayde. he helped ayde for napping the invisible man. he betrayed griffin. griffin warned kemp to kill him on the next meeting. to this, kemp offered himself as a bait in order to help ayde in napping him. So we conclude that griffin is the antagonist of the novel and on the other hand, Dr kemp is the perfect foil for him. no one either actually could be called as hero but to some extent kemp is the hero of the novel.  


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