How did Mandela control his own fate?

“I am the master of my fate. I am the captain of my soul.” shows that he is controlled over his own fate, but what examples are there

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Mandela controlled his own fate by working toward a desired end.... unity. He had a goal, and that was unity. As a result, he never flinched from doing the unexpected. Mandela embraced the white employees of the previous administration with the understanding that all who stayed had to be willing to unite in their effort to help keep the country running. He insisted, "The rainbow nation starts here," using a phrase coined by theologian Desmond Tutu.

Mandela also didn't shy away from his duties, and he addressed issues within his country personally, he was afraid to step out, to meet with his people. He not only asked for peace and forgiveness.... he demonstrated those qualities as a leader. Mandela did not hide behind the walls of his office. As a result, his independent thinking allowed him to control his own fate.