Into the Wild

what is conventional about McCandless' life in bullHead City?

look in chapters 4 & 5.

please answer in complete sentances.

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Chris probably spends his longest time here in his trip between Atlanta and Alaska. Chris had, by this time, run out of money. For awhile he lives the sort of life he wanted to leave behind. For Chris, it was pretty conventional. In Bullhead City he works at McDonald’s, and even goes so far as to open a savings account, and uses his real name and social security number for the job, uncharacteristically. His coworkers don’t get to know him very well, although they remember him as dependable, but off in his own world. Lori Zarza, the second assistant manager, is delegated to tell him that he needs to have somewhat better hygiene, and not long after this he quits. You can find this and more detailed info. at the GradeSaver site. I'll hook you up below!