Into the Wild

What are the pros and cons of living a transcendental lifestlye?

You just have to list them, but feel free to be elaborate :D

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Transcendentalism can be described as seeking truth through contemplation of the internal spirit. Certainly Chris was seeking something. He cast out all desires of wealth, stability, and family loyalty. I suppose that Chris felt his counterculture odyssey would lead to some type of spiritual epiphany or enlightenment. Unfortunately it only leads to intense isolation and death. Our culture shows no signs of slowing down its obsession with money and superficial desire. Chris turned his back on much of what shackles us to artificial desire. He looked for truth and lived for the moment. Chris also fascinates us because he was far from perfect. The tragic irony is that most of us know what Chris finds out too late; people need other people. I think Chris's paradoxes drive generations to read this book. No, had Chris lived, he would not have had this impact. It took his tragic death to put the rest of his life in the context that people are so drawn to.