Into the Wild

What are 2 universal themes present within the novel?

Here's a list to choose from.

- A human being's confrontation with nature

- A human's lack of humanity

- A rebellious human being's confrontation with a hostile society

- An individual's struggle toward understanding, awareness, and/or spiritual enlightment

- An individual's conflict b/w passion and responsibility

- An individual's triumph over adversity

- The human glorification of the past/ rejection of the past

- The tension b/w the ideal and the real

- Conflict between human beings and machines

- The impact of the past on the present

- The inevitability of fate

- The evil of unchecked amibition

- The struggle for equality

- The loss of innocence/disillusionment of adulthood

- The conflict b/w parents and children

- The making of an artist in a materialistic society

- The clash b/w civilization and wilderness

- The clash b/w appearance and realities

- The pain of love (or what passes for it)

- The perils or rewards of carpe diem

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Well, sure pick two from your list. They all seem to fit in some sense. Two that stand out for me are your last one (perils and rewards of carpe diem) and a human's lack of humanity. Chris was enthralled with the writings of Henry David Thoreau. He wanted to live deliberately. He rejected the trappings of society in exchange for a life of hobo nirvana. Although the freedom of the open road and wilderness felt intoxicating, I don't think Chris was grounded enough. Seizing the day is great but when he entered the Alaskan wilderness, he was unprepared. Many Alaskan's felt Chris was just plain stupid. One doesn't just go into the Alaskan wilds with a t-shirt and jeans. Although Chris was kind of refreshing, he was also a bit of a jerk. He left his family without any goodbye or itinerary. His family went through hell not knowing if their son was alive or dead. I don't mean to be so negative on the guy, he was unique, but these two themes resonated with me the most.