Into the Wild

To what extent is community essential to happiness?

Use specific examples from into the wild and explanations

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Chris placed no importance on community and replaced it with isolation. He saw being with others, as another obligation. Thus, McCandless’s quest for freedom becomes, also, a refutation of any and all intimacy with others. This kind of freedom is inherently selfish. By living only according to his own rules and those of nature, no matter how principled and deeply-thought, McCandless is implicitly living only for his own best interest. For example, he refuses to get a hunting license because he doesn’t think it is any of the government’s business what he eats; were everyone to act this way, animal populations would be destroyed, and food supplies threatened. McCandless's ultimate freedom is thus limited in scope, for on any larger scale it would be dangerous and potentially disastrous.

Note, there are people who are totally happy living in an isolated world of their own making. Most of us, however, aren't made that way. The community of family, neighbors, and even the strangers whp pass through our lives each day makes each day livable. Interactions, work, extending ourselves to help those in need.... we're conditioned to be with people..... to enjoy their company, to socialize, to be helpful..... to care.