Into the Wild

The author claims that Into the Wild is very much a story about a son's relationship with his father. What conclusions did you make regarding McCandless's response to his family?

Please answer this for me, thank you :)

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The author would know far more about this than the reader. I'd have to say that his interactions with the family led him to this conclusion, and we'll never know what Chris would say in response. He's not here.

Chris' dad is said to have been controlling, authoritative, but I've known many fathers who've harbored and demanded high expectations from their children without such drastic results. In my opinion, had Chris truly been flouting authority, he would have thrown his actions in his parents faces, but he didn't rebel like that..... he simply deserted.

Carine has always been my biggest curiosity. Why would Chris cut Carine out of his life along with everyone else? The only thing I've ever been able to come up with is that had he given her the opening.... she had the power to change his mind and get him to come home. He cut her off because his actions required that he leave emotion behind in the same way he left his family.