Into the Wild

Question on Chapter 4

Chapter Four: Detrital Wash1. What did the Rangers discover in the abandoned Datsun?2. How did the Rangers use the Datsun to their advantage?3. What caused Chris to make the decision to abandon the Datsun?4. What did Chris do with his cash? How much money?5. Why was the July 10th hike a “tremendous mistake”?6. Describe Chris’s interaction with Crazy Ernie.7. Who were Jan and Bob Buress and how did they help Chris?8. What mistake did Chris make on August 10th?9. Chris buys a Canoe while walking down interstate 40 and decides to travel down the Colorado River. Describe his journey in detail.10. What finally caused Chris to abandon his Canoe and head north?11. To avoid criminals, what does Chris do with his money when he enters cities?12. Where did Chris work from February 24th to May 10th and why did he leave?

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Number One: From the Text:

When he looked inside, Walsh found a Gianini guitar, a saucepan containing $4.93 in loose change, a football, a garbage bag full of old clothes, a fishing rod and tackle, a new electric razor, a harmonica, a set of jumper cables, twenty-five pounds of rice, and in the glove compartment, the keys to the vehicle’s ignition.

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Into The Wild