Into the Wild

Political views

I have read the book but i still cant find anything on it. so why is Chris a republican?

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that is a strange quastion and I'm not sure it has any relevence to the story. I, honestly, dont think Mccandless was of any political sway...I just read it as well and I don't remember any mention of 'republican'...I'd say he is more disestablishment-minded (leftist) if anything at all. Why do you ask??

Actually, Brandon, it does mention perspective on Chris' potlitical affiliation on page 123. However, it doesn't necessarily say he was Republican. "Despite his aversion to money and conspicuous consumption, Chris's political leanings could not be described as liberal...delighted in ridiculing the policies of the Democratic a College Republican Club." However it goes on to say that his political stances were best described as through the motto "That government is best which governs least." My opinion is that his view on politics was held to the same standard as his view on life in general. Don't classify me, don't label me, don't decide that you know me. He seemed to strongly believe in elements of both right and leftist ideals and stood behind no one in particular. If he thought society was corrupt, what do you think he thought of politicians?! Honestly, I don't think he believed in politics at all, considering early in the book he told Gallien that the government didn't need to know how he fed himself (in response to the question of not having a hunting license). Yet another great perspective from Mr. Supertramp...oh what a world it would be without politicians.