Into the Wild

Outlining Chapters 16-18

In Chapter 16, Krakauer gives a summary of the last few months of McCandless's life.Do you think Krakauer admires McCandless or not? Cite your evidence.

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I think that Krakauer admires Chris' spirit and sense of adventure. I don't know that he admires his methods, or the things that would certainly be seen as rash and impulsive behavior. I also believe Krakauer understands much of Chris' motivation based upon their mutual conflicts with their fathers. If we look at Chapter Sixteen, we can see the way Krakauer points out specific mistakes in Chris' planning and implementation of his time in Alaska. His tools are inadequate, as is his food supply. Chris also lacks the desire to hunt.... he feels guilty..... he's uneducated. Thus, although I believe Krakauer has admiration for Chris as a man..... I don't think his admiration extends to the way Chris detailed his plans.