Into the Wild

Krakauer spins McCandless as being infatuated with Jack London. Who is Jack London and what does Krakauer say about McCandless's infatuation with him?

Chapters 4-5, into the wild

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Jack London is one of America's greatest writers. In Chapter Five, we start to clearly see just how rare McCandless’s passion is, and how deeply influenced by literature. Tolstoy and Jack London are two of his favorite authors, whom he pushes on whoever he thinks has the right mindset for them, and whose philosophies and morals he tries to live by. He doesn’t seem to think or care about, however, the fact that neither of these two figures truly lived the lives they espoused, and London especially was never much of an outdoorsman at all. This both emphasizes McCandless’s ability to ignore that which would negatively affect his theories, but also how passionate he truly was, for he did not just want to share these beliefs, but to, unusually, truly live by them.