Into the Wild

into the wild chapter 10 and 11

what do we find out in chapter 10?

remenbering chris/alex's letter to ron franz, how do you think chris felt about his parents lifestyle?

what did chris inhert from his parents?

what do we find out in this chapter that helps explains chris' disappearance?

trace a time-line for chris in this chapter

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Please submit each of your questions separately. 

In Chapter 10 McCandless’s body is first found, the authorities have a difficult time figuring out who he is. An article runs about the unidentified body being found in the Anchorage Daily News, and Jim Gallien sees it, and is fairly sure it is “Alex,” so he calls the state troopers. They show him the developed pictures from the camera, which Gallien immediately recognizes as McCandless, and so because he had told Gallien he was from South Dakota, the troopers start looking there for his next of kin.

The troopers find nothing in South Dakota, but Wayne Westerberg is alerted to a radio broadcast about the hiker by a friend, and agrees that it sounds like McCandless, so he too contacts the Alaska state troopers. On one of his employment forms, McCandless had put his real name and social security number, and from that the troopers find that he was from Virginia. Check out the GradeSaver summary below: