Into the Wild

Into the Wild

Describe the biological state of Chris McCandless's body when it is found? What can be inferred by this?

What possessions of his does he burn in the detrital wash of the Lake Mead Recreation area?

In what ways does McCandless aspire to and embody the ideals from his favorite authors?

Describe Franz. What is his view of society?

After hearing McCandless's death, what is Franz's response? What does he do?

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We can infer that Chris died of starvation.

The remains were so badly decomposed that it was impossible to determine exactly when McCandless had died, but the coroner could find no sign of massive internal injuries or broken bones. Virtually no subcutaneous fat remained on the body, and the muscles had withered significantly in the days or weeks prior to death. At the time of the autopsy, McCandless’s remains weighed sixty-seven pounds. Starvation was posited as the most probable cause of death.

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Into the Wild