Into the Wild

How does this chapter relate to the rest of the book?

Chapter 15, into the wild

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The inclusion of Krakauer’s own story in Into the Wild does seem to complicate McCandless’s story, and allows us to see, if not into McCandless’s mind, at least into the mind of someone who had similar passions, demons, and ambitions. Krakauer’s loneliness in his time on Devils Thumb seems significant, as McCandless chose to go into the Alaskan wilderness alone, and while he generally seemed to bask in his independence and solitude, Krakauer’s admission that as much as he thought he could do without people, he was really lonely, makes it seem likely that McCandless probably had moments of deep loneliness as well. Krakauer’s story also makes it clear that McCandless was almost surely not suicidal but we see that Chris was much more reckless if not naive about many situations.