Into the Wild

How are people drawn Chris/Alex?

Like why did they want to become friends with him...

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Chris was a charismatic young man. He was cheerful and full of life. Many people were drawn to his accepting personality. Wherever he went, Chris seemed to find people who cared for him. Wayne Westerberg,for example, took in Chris on his travels and gave him a job. Wayne recalls Chris as a hard worker and a free spirit always in search of "life". Chris also spends time with Burres and her boyfriend Bob, sort of new age hippies, who are also impressed with Chris's openness and hunger to experience life unencumbered by the restraints of society.

I'd never heard of this, but I just ordered the DVD on Netflix. I couldn't have answered your question, but the movie gets high marks......... thanks for bringing your question to the forum......... sounds interesting!