Into the Wild

Evaluate Chris's relationship with other people he met along the way. How ere they impacted or influenced by him and his death?

Need to know how others were affected by his death.

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Shunning his own family, Chris was ironically quite open to meeting new people along his journey. Chris is open with many of them and remarkably forgiving of their faults. Chris grows close to Wayne Westerberg when Wayne picks him up hitchhiking in 1990. He gives McCandless jobs multiple times. Chris also meets Ronald Franz, an eighty-year old devout Christian and soldier who picks McCandless up hitchhiking and takes a strong liking to him. He has lost his wife and children long ago, and so feels a fatherly affection for Chris, whom he offers to adopt. After hearing of Chris’s death, he stops believing in God. It is difficult to claim people like these influenced Chris's death. I think this shows that Chris was more comfortable around people rather than alone. In the end Chris realizes this but by that time it is too late.