Into the Wild

describe the land where alex disappears?


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When Gallien drops McCandless off, there is about a foot and a half of snow on the ground, and the high temperature is in the low thirties.

The only food McCandless has with him is a ten pound bag of rice and Jim Gallien’s lunch, but he believes this will be enough because of his experience surviving in Mexico for over a month with only a five pound bag of rice, and fish he was able to catch himself with a cheap rod. He carries about nine or ten books with him, but not a journal, so when he writes he just uses some blank pages in the back of his books.

After two days, McCandless reaches the Teklanika River. There is still ice, but nowhere does it span the whole river, so he is forced to wade across. Because of the conditions, this is easy, and there is nothing to hint to him that in a few months, after further thawing, it will be uncrossable. A few days later he stumbles across the old bus, which is stocked with some essentials, so he decides to stay there for a little while and take advantage of its comforts. He is ecstatic to be alone in the wild.