Into the Wild

Compare McCandless relationship with his parents and the people at Emory to his relationships with people he meets on the road. How and why are these relationships different? How does McCandless justify his treatment of his parents?

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Hey, Chris kind of had two lives and two identities. There was the Chris that was a product of societal norms. He came from an upper-middle class family. went to the right school, had friends and was destined for a successful life in the matrix of a market economy. Then there was the Chris who defected from the world of materialism, elitism and external validation. Chris becomes his alter ego, Alexander Supertamp. Alexander is different with his social interactions. Where Chris was pensive and aggravated with people at his home, "Alex" was open to new ideas, friendships and deep social connections. Whether it was Wayne Westerberg or the elderly Ronald Franz, Chis let down his guard and opened up.