Into the Wild

chapter 9 questions

Chapter 9

1. Where is Davis Creek?

2. Find a quote from one of Ruess’ letters that sounds like McCandless. Explain why it sounds like McCandless.

3. What was the pseudonym Everett Ruess took for himself? It is Latin. What does it mean?

4. There are many theories about what happened to Ruess. Describe at least 2.

5. Who were the papar?

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1) Davis Creek is an extremely small headwater tributary of the Walker Fork of the Fortymile River in Alaska.

3)Everett Ruess took the pseudonym “NEMO.” It means 'nobody.'

4) It is widely believed that Ruess fell to his death while climbing on some canyon wall. Some, however, believe he just chose to disappear, and lived the rest of his life under a pseudonym. Ken Sleight, an expert on him, believes he drowned trying to swim across the San Juan River.

5) The Papar were 5th Century Irish Monks.


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