Into the Wild

chapter 8 questions

Chapter 8

1. Generally, what did Alaskans think of Chris McCandless and his death?

Kraukauer claims that Alaska has always attracted a certain sort of live-off-the-land dreamer. Let’s look at some of the other bush-casualty types that have gone into the wild in Alaska:

2. What was the Major of Hippie Cove/ Gene Rosellini trying to prove? How did he die?

3. What platform did John Waterman run for president on? What was he going to do to publicize his campaign?

4. What mistake does McCunn make when the airplane flies by?

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1) Krakauer explains that he received a lot of negative mail after the original article about McCandless ran in Outside magazine, largely from Alaskans who thought McCandless didn’t respect the wilderness, and acted stupidly and stubbornly. There were a few others notorious in Alaska for similar things, including Gene Rosellini, a brilliant man who had decided to see if man could still live as in pre-technology days, and survived without any tools but those he could make himself for over a decade, until he killed himself.

2) See number one

3) "Waterman ran for the local school board on a platform promoting unrestricted sex for students and the legalization of hallucinogenic drugs. He lost the election, to nobody’s surprise save his own, but immediately launched another political campaign, this time for the presidency of the United States. He ran under the banner of the Feed-the-Starving Party, the main priority of which was to ensure that nobody on the planet died of hunger."

4) In his own words from his journal, “I stopped waving after the first pass. I then got busy packing things up and getting ready to break camp.” The pilot never saw him.


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