Into the Wild

Chapter 17 what does krakauer find inside the bus and how does it make you feel ?

Into the wild

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The bus is surrounded by lots of tiny bones from the small game that McCandless ate, as well as the skeleton of the moose that he so regretted killing.Gordon Samel and Ken Thompson had insisted the McCandless misidentified the moose, and that it was really a caribou, which led many readers of Krakauer’s Outside article to insist that McCandless was ill-prepared and ignorant. On close study of the remains, however, it becomes clear that it is, indeed, a moose.

Inside the bus, they find some of McCandless’s leftover possessions, as well as a bag of feathers he had stored away, probably to insulate his clothes or make a pillow. There is lots of graffiti in the bus from all those who have stayed in it, but McCandless’s etchings are by far the longest. Leaving the bus, Krakauer and his companions make camp, and discuss why so many people seem to hate McCandless so intensely for having died there. Many find his lack of what they consider necessary provisions to be a sign of his profound arrogance.