Into the Wild

chapter 14

Chapter 14

1. What what mountain did 23-year-old Krakauer want to climb? Where is it located?

2. How did Krakauer get to Petersburg?

3. What did Krakauer make in anticipation of the hazard of crevasses he might encounter on the glacier?

4. How did he get his supplies to the Stikine Ice Cap? How long does he plan to be there?

5. What kind of climbing is he doing?

6. What happens at the end of his first attempt to climb the Devil’s Thumb?

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1) At twenty-three, he plans on an especially dangerous climb in Alaska, the Devils Thumb, and determines that he will go it alone.

2) He travels on a work boat.


4) His supplies are dropped by plane.


6) Bad weather stops the climb, and he has to abort the climb.

3)He has sex.

5)Free solo climping.