Into the Wild

chapter 10

Chapter 10

1. What did Alex make “terse observations” about in his diary?

2. Who was the first person to identify McCandless, based on an article in The Anchorage Daily News?

3. Why didn’t the cops take Westerberg seriously when he called to give them information about McCandless?

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1) flora and fauna

2) An article runs about the unidentified body being found in the Anchorage Daily News, and Jim Gallien sees it, and is fairly sure it is “Alex,” so he calls the state troopers. They show him the developed pictures from the camera, which Gallien immediately recognizes as McCandless, and so because he had told Gallien he was from South Dakota, the troopers start looking there for his next of kin.

3) The State Troopers didn't believe him at first because they'd already had 150 calls, all saying they knew the hiker.