Into the Wild

32. Is the language literary? Why or why not? What is its effect on you?

Analyzing the Epilogue

Read aloud the last paragraph of the book.

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The descriptive language used in the last paragraph is visual..... we can see the descent of the helicopter and the landscape as it ascends back into the sky. We almost feel as if we're watching a video...... the end of a movie.

Abruptly, the quiet is shattered by the percussive racket of the helicopter, which spirals down from the clouds and lands in a patch of fireweed. We climb inside; the chopper shoulders into the sky and then hovers for a moment before banking steeply to the southeast. For a few minutes the roof of the bus remains visible among the stunted trees, a tiny white gleam in a wild green sea, growing smaller and smaller, and then it’s gone.


Into the Wild