Inherit the Wind

How is Drummond an atheist? How is Reverend a fundamentalist? How is Rachel and fundamentalists reformed into modernists? How is Bert a modernist? Hornbeck an atheist? Brady a fundamentalists?

WHat are the examples or reasons they are modernist, fundamentalist, or atheist?

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Drummond believes in the theory of evolution, which is in direct contrast to the Bible. Brady calls him a " celebrated agnostic" and Hornbeck comments tbatbwe " are growing an odd crop of agnostics this year," in registrants to Drummond. Drummond himself says that he believes in the sanctity of the human mind, and says that " we must abandon out belief in the pleasant poetry of Genesis."

Reverend Brown, by virtue of his job alone has to be a fundamentalist. This is quite obvious in his pre-trial rant in Act two scene one.

Rachel has been raised by her father and wants nothing more than Bert to conform so that yogurt can stay inHillsboro and marry. Through her love for Bert, Her fathers' overzealousness, and Drummond's arguments, she comes to the point where she can at least consider alternative theories demonstrated by the fact that she did read Darwin's book.

Bert is teaching the theory of evolution and the descent of man, at this time this theory was only about fifty years old, very modern.

Hornbeck is cynical at every turn and believes himself to be far more intelligent than the townspeople. He mocks Elijah the Bible salesman and Bfady every chance he gets.

Brady goes as far aston say that God speaks to him and that he has committed much of the Holy Bible to memory, considering himself an expert on the subject.