Inherit the Wind

How are Rachel's views on Evolution and Divine Creation the same as from the beginning, but different?

Reference pg.124. Please dumb the answer down for a 9th grader

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Consider that Rachel has been under her father's influence from a child into adulthood. She sees Creationism as truth more because of indoctrination than acceptance. When she meets Bert, Rachel begins to different possibilities. She begins to see evolution as factual truth and Christian ideology as simply ideology. This of course causes a split with her father and the town steeped in their Bible. When she reads The Origin of Species, Rachel completely rejects the church in favour of science.

Rachel is a second-grade teacher at Hillsboro Consolidated School. She loves Bert Cates and risks the wrath of her father, Reverend Brown, by visiting him at the jail and bringing him clothes for the trial. At first, she urges Bert to confess that he has broken the law and seek forgiveness. Brady calls her to testify against Cates and tries to twist her words to make Cates appear blasphemous. Rachel's belief that Bert is a good person and her desires to be a good person in the eyes of her townspeople clash, and while she is on the witness stand, her emotions render her speechless. Ultimately, Rachel realizes that ideas, like children, have to be born. She overcomes her fear of thinking and reads The Origin of Species. When Cates is released after the trial, she tells him she has decided to leave her father. She and Cates leave together on the train to start a new life.


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